100 Days Happier: Daily Inspiration for Life-long Happiness by Domonique Bertolucci PDF

By Domonique Bertolucci

ISBN-10: 1742706215

ISBN-13: 9781742706214

Such a lot of everyone is ready to suppose satisfied, they believe they are going to be chuffed after they have this or they have performed that, that maybe funds, a associate, or that new place is the foremost. however the fact is, lasting happiness is whatever that you just create, each one and daily, throughout the basic offerings that you simply make. a hundred Days Happier invitations the reader to make small day-by-day alterations within the means they suspect and act; alterations that may eventually create a primary shift within the manner they consider approximately who they're and the lifestyles they're residing. This ebook will energise and encourage you to be your most sensible self, on a daily basis.

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So many of life’s eventualities are beyond your control. Work out what things you can influence and come to a peaceful acceptance of the rest. Don’t waste your energy Sometimes everything will go your way and on other days nothing at all seems to go right. If you are having one of those days, instead of wasting your energy raging against something you can’t control, take a deep breath and accept it. That way, even though the moment may be ruined, your day won’t have to be. Accept the past, dream of the future, but live in the moment.

When you believe in yourself it is easier not to take criticism, knock-backs and disappointments personally. Don’t doubt yourself Unless you have asked for someone else’s opinion, you don’t have to accept it. And even if you did ask for it, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to take the advice on board. If someone gives you feedback or criticism today that you don’t want or need, thank them politely and then have the confidence to file their advice – in the bin. Every time you say ‘but’ you are giving yourself a get-out clause.

Look for the common ground If you need someone to do something for you or to do it your way, think about what’s in it for them. Instead of seeing it as a battle of wills, if you are faced with a conflict today, view it as a chance to create a meeting of minds. Multi-tasking is stressful. You will get things done much faster if you do them one at a time. Do one thing at a time One of the easiest things you can do to enhance the quality of your day is to try to do less. Focus on doing one thing at a time and doing only that one thing until it’s completed, regardless of what else you think you should be doing.

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