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By Bryan W. Mattimore

Creativity is among the most dear and robust assets in enterprise this present day. ninety nine% proposal provides a palette of options and tales to assist enterprise humans faucet hidden inventive strengths. This enjoyable publication permits readers to creatively remedy a variety of place of work matters through the use of the artistic ideas of such geniuses as Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo DaVinci.

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It would g ive the company that made it work a sig nificant competitive advantag e. 1 Of course, it did give Toyota a significant advantage, until American manufacturing rediscovered "just in time" manufacturing for itself some might say just in time. Want some practice in source mind thinking? See if you can discover the surprising connections between the seemingly unrelated elements in the following questions. • • • Question 1: How might the invention of the Delco car battery in 1911 have added to the American woman's "drive" for equal rights?

What question is he asking himself? What does Darwin ultimately predict exists as a result of seeing this flower? Answer: The question that Darwin asked himself was how such a flower could be pollinated. He surmised that there would have to exist some kind of insect with a foot-long ''nose" or beak to pollinate this flower. You, like his contemporaries, think Darwin has been aboard ship a little too long and ridicule him for his theory. As it turns out, though, Darwin has the last laugh. Some twenty years later a nocturnal moth is discovered in Madagascar that has a wingspan of only five and a half inches, but that (you guessed it) has a proboscis a foot long.

Actually, though, this is only half the story. The best inventors don't just stand by waiting patiently to receive a flash of inspiration. No, they actively seek out inspiration. How? By following three of the most important mental disciplines that I know for inventing-or any other creative pursuit, for that matter: (1) continually asking all kinds of questions, no matter how far out or seemingly absurd, (2) trying to visualize or "see" answers, and (3) freely associating different concepts, no matter how remote the connections.

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