Sodi, Risa; Levi, Primo; Dante Alighieri's A Dante Of Our Time : Primo Levi and Auschwitz PDF

By Sodi, Risa; Levi, Primo; Dante Alighieri

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This unique and well timed quantity information the impact of Dante's Inferno on Primo Levi's vintage Holocaust narrative, Se questo è uomo, and his final booklet of essays, I sommersi e i salvatie. Such key thoughts as reminiscence, justice, and the world of the impartial sinners - «la zona grigia» for Levi - are given specific emphasis. 3 questions shape the spine of the ebook: Can reminiscence be conquer? the place is justice for the Holocaust survivor? and, Is there a center floor among sufferer and oppressors, and the way does Levi outline it? plentiful use of interviews with the writer exhibit how Levi relates those 3 inquiries to such modern figures as Sigmund Freud, Franz Stangl, Rudolf Höss, Jean Améry, Liliana Cavani, and Kurt Waldheim

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The Inferno also has its "non-uomini," although, upon analysis, one must conclude that, like the "sommersi," they cannot be called direct antecendents of the "non-uomini" we have seen in Levi's works. These Dantesque "non-uomini" are variously called "i sommersi" or "i tristi," both terms that Levi has applied to the non-men of the concentration camp universe. In the Inferno, we see these creatures in such cantos as VII and The Grey Zone and the Neutral Sinners 45 XIII. In Canto VII, Dante encounters souls who are submerged in a black mire and can only gurgle their words.

It is the crux of our personality, the crutch on which our future self rests. Without memory, there can be no progress of the human spirit, no possibility that within a single lifetime, or a generation, or a century, past missteps can be retraced and redirected, past wrongs can be recognized and righted. Memory of this non-physiological kind is crucial to both the Commedia and Se questo e un uomo. If we are to indulge Dante his literary construct, then the whole of the Commedia is the poet's account of the pilgrim's journey (both poet and pilgrim being "played," of course, by Dante).

Dante and Levi unwittingly counter this accusation with remarkably similar statements. '' 38 In other words, his punishment is not exacted out of vengefulness, nor does it exceed his crime; instead, it was provoked by the sinner himself and is the fitting punishment for his offense. Levi says in an abovementioned passage," ... If they committed a crime, then they have to pay because justice doesn't exist if there's no payment. " 40 He would undoubtedly answer, yes indeed. Thus, it is also appropriate that, when Levi refers to the Commedia in his works, it is exclusively to the Dantesque (retributive) justice of the Inferno and not to the ethereal, absolutionary justice of Purgatory or Paradise.

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