A Dictionary of Some Tuamotuan Dialects of the Polynesian by J. Frank Stimson (auth.) PDF

By J. Frank Stimson (auth.)

ISBN-10: 940175862X

ISBN-13: 9789401758628

ISBN-10: 9401763437

ISBN-13: 9789401763431

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ANA A supernatural being, spirit, demigod. ANA,HAO, VHI NAP, FAG, VHI God. ltn Two -gods, -spirits; dup. A dual god. AlTU (ii) S. Myth. The name of the god of the hurricane and the elemental forces of nature. VHI TE AITU S. A god name. VHI, ANA The personification of the storm. ] AITUITU II aitu (i) TE AITU-NUI S. Es. An epithet of Kiho-tumu. AITU-TAO-MIRA S. A god name. AKA . S. A root. GTN Feelers; a filamentous appendage. aka, akiika Rootlets, tendrils. Fibres; II kakakaka. katil)a An edible root-, tuber- of any tuberbearing p~ant.

Myth. The name of an ancient land in the Netherworld. ANAUNAU = anaunau (i) 'ANAVAI S. Mod. A brook, stream. ANE P. To shine, glisten. M. ] ANA Clear, unclouded. ane Shining, glistening. Gentle; as a breeze. Kindly; as the eyes. Clear, pellucid, bright; as the sky. ane = maneane Glistening, sparkling, gleaming, shining; said of the pandanus fruit when very ripe and the segments are read· 4 ANEANE ily detached.

Under this heading we subsume words which we recommend writing without separation, but for which under the base entries only, for analytical purposes, we present the elements separated by dots: A. Duplicational forms (puhipuhi, to puff repeatedly, smoke a piP6 puhi, to puff once). B. Prefixal forms (mafera, to blossom +- prefix of spontaneity, rna-, joined to the root fera, to open outward, as a trumpet-shaped flower; as contrasted with mafera, to rape +- prefix of partialization majoined to fera, to open outward).

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A Dictionary of Some Tuamotuan Dialects of the Polynesian Language by J. Frank Stimson (auth.)

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