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By Eduard Yechezkel Kutscher

ISBN-10: 9652233978

ISBN-13: 9789652233974

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The Semitic languages are related to three other groups: Egyptian, Lybico-Berber, Cushitic (and also the C had group) generally referred to as Hamitic. Literature: S. Moscati, A n Introduction to the Comparative G ram m ar o f the Sem itic Languages, W iesbaden 1964, pp. 3-1 6 . [The linguistic affiliation o f the Eblaite dialect, discovered in 1974-75 has not yet been determined. J. Gelb to conclude that the closest languages are Am orite and Old A kkadian. In my opinion the syntax o f the few texts published thus far (after G elb’s article) and G elb's conclusions indicate close proximity to Old A kkadian.

This case brings us to another im portant point, namely the patterning of the Semitic root (Greenberg). The root ‫ פרף‬betrays its foreign origin by its patterning ABA. , ‫‘ ^זרש‬ro o t’. , ‫‘ כרך‬encircle, twine around’, are apparently secondary. It is also instructive that in the first two positions, not only are identical consonants excluded (the patterning AAB being non-existent except in A kkadian) but even hom organic consonants (produced by the same organ) do not occur in this position. , the root ‫ ס ב ף‬, both 1b 1 and |p | being labials (produced by the lips) are excluded in positions two and three.

This hypothesis could only be tested with the help of transliterations of Greek and Latin inscriptions from the Galilee which for the time being are very scarce. But if this hypotesis is true, we may assume that the Sephardic Jewish pronunciation represents the pronunciation prevalent in Jerusalem and Judea in general before the destruction of the Temple. But what about the Ashkenazic Jews? Must we then assume that they are descendants of Galilean Jews? By no means! H. ) continually mix up the qames and the patah just as Sephardic Jews do.

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