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This salt was converted to 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane using MoF6, and was subsequently treated with two equivalents of n-butyl lithium followed by I2 to provide trifluoroiodoethene. Half of the ethylene was converted to the zinc salt, which was recombined with the remaining ethylene and coupled using Pd(Ph3P)4 to give (2,3-13C) hexafluorobutadiene. The end product was obtained by reacting this butadiene with the anion obtained from treating [(π-C5H5)Fe(CO)2]2 with sodium amalgam. The product was purified with column chromatography, giving a total yield of about 5%.

The initial state preparation is indicated by the shaded area and drawn in all figures for negative time values. The actual CiracÀZoller CNOT gate pulse sequence starts at t 5 0. After mapping the first ion’s state (control qbit) with a p-pulse of length 95 ms to the bus-mode, the single-ion CNOT sequence (consisting of six concatenated pulses) is applied to the second ion (target qbit) for a total time of 380 ms. Finally, the control qbit is reset to its original value with the concluding p-pulse applied to the first ion for 95 ms.

5 N-State Rydberg Atom Data Register Information Processing [44] Consider that one prepares an N-state quantum register composed of log2N bits. Perform an operation with one state phase-shifted (flipped) from all the others. The number of operations then required to find the flipped state is order ON(OON) steps. This is obtained following Grover’s algorithm [32]; a classical algorithm 26 Quantum Magnetic Resonance Imaging Diagnostics of Human Brain Disorders would require at least N/2 steps. The algorithm performs an inversion about the average defined by the unitary transformation D on the state vector Dij 5 2/N if i6¼j, and Dii 5 21 1 2/N.

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