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By Cyril Fagan

The fundamental textbook of the Western Sidereal institution of astrology

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I think that when they blithely talk about having lived other lives people forget that those living before were—are—fully independent creatures, even if they are psychically related to others. The traveler could hardly move in on one of his or her own personalities! Interesting question: How would our 20th-century individual react when told by a visitor from the year 2355 (for example) that he or she represented one of our futurian's "past" lives? The serf will invariably be looking at his time through a different focus than his future self could ever do.

Thusly I reasoned: If I am flawed I must automatically distort even those experiences of the soul that seem clearest. I must unwittingly fall into error when I trust myself the most, since I share that sinful propensity. Yet despite these feelings did I (did we) unswervingly set forward. The belief in sin and in the sinful self has been for uncounted centuries embedded in man's concepts about himself and God. Around those beliefs civilizations evolved and religions orbited. So I maintain that I am being unfairly attacked (perhaps that is too strong a word) for personally accepting in my own understanding a philosophy to which ten millions and more have also succumbed, and to which the "wisest" of the species have given their loyalty and trust.

We practice one big difference, however—for we hold within ourselves Seth's ideas on a host of subjects. It seems that we can feel his concepts—intermingled with our own questions, ideas, and accomplishments—constantly turning within a kind of special excitement and revelatory insight. This is true for us even when things aren't going well, when we feel "dumb" or blocked about whatever we may be trying to do. At such times I'm apt to think about ideas of reincarnation 56 Jane Roberts and counterparts.

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