A World Out of Time by Larry Niven PDF

By Larry Niven

ISBN-10: 0345336968

ISBN-13: 9780345336965

Jaybee Corbell aroused from sleep after greater than 2 hundred years as a corpsicle -- in anyone else's physique, and less than sentence of immediate annihilation if he made a mistaken movement whereas they have been education him for a one-way challenge to the stars.

But Corbell picked his time and made his personal circulate. as soon as he was once outbound, the place the Society that governed Earth couldn't achieve him, he headed his starship towards the galactic middle, the place the incredible energies of the Universe wrenched the cloth of time and house and promised ultimate get away from his captors.

Then he lower back to an Earth eons older than the only he'd left...a planet that had had 3,000,000 years to improve perils he had by no means dreamed of -- perils that grew to become nightmares that he needed to escape...somehow!

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I had never seen hatred naked before, the lines cut deep, the eyes glittering, the teeth suddenly looking like a savage animal's. It struck me with a slap, a horrid revelation of something hitherto unknown, and hideous; it stamped itself on my mind so that I never forgot it.... Then my father, still looking as though he were ill, put out his good hand to steady himself against the door-post, and turned back into the house. One of the escort cut the rope which held the prisoner's arms. He dismounted, and I was able to see then what was wrong with him.

She did not give in at once, but at last she consented. She watched apprehensively while I cut the lace. Then she said: 'Go away! ' I hesitated, but childhood is a time thickly beset with incomprehensible, though important, conventions, so I withdrew a few yards and turned my back. I heard her breathing hard. Then she was crying again. I turned round. 'I can't,' she said, looking at me fearfully through her tears, so I knelt down to see what I could do about it. 'You mustn't ever tell,' she said.

The area about its point of emergence was covered with the only tiles in the district, so that the thatch which covered the rest of the roof had never caught fire, either. My mother saw to it that the big room was kept very clean and tidy. The floor was composed of pieces of brick and stone and artificial stone cleverly fitted together. The furniture was whitely-scrubbed tables and stools, with a few chairs. The walls were whitewashed. Several burnished pans, too big to go in the cupboards, hung against them.

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