Aboriginal Peoples : Fact and Fiction (2nd Ed.) by Pierre Lepage ; supervision, Maryse Alcindor ; translation, PDF

By Pierre Lepage ; supervision, Maryse Alcindor ; translation, Jan Jordon .

ISBN-10: 2550549279

ISBN-13: 9782550549277

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It stated that if Indians voted, they would no longer constitute a sovereign nation, since they would become Canadian and British subjects by that very fact. Moreover, the “Redskin” was morally bound not to vote in federal or provincial elections. Finally, the circular stated that a band of irresponsible Redskins, suffering from a racial inferiority complex, reported to the polling booths and unfortunately forever renounced their national sovereignty and identity! (Hawthorn and Tremblay 1966, I:291).

Persons under guardianship, such as First Nations persons, were not considered to be subjects by right (nor were women). Conse 1960 Saskatchewan Always Nova Scotia quently, they were 1960 Yukon Always Newfoundland not entitled to the 1963 Nouveau Brunswick Always Northwest Territories responsibility of vo Prince Edward Island 1963 1949 British Columbia ting (Jamieson 1978; 1965 Alberta 1952 Manitoba see also Hawthorn 1969 Quebec 1954 Ontario and Tremblay 1966, I: chap. XIII). Canada 1960 However, the exercise (Source: Hawthorn and Tremblay 1966, I; Canada 1980, 101) of the voting right was a controversial subject even in Aboriginal communities.

Photo: Louise Roy, collection of Pierre Lepage Crowe reports that every year medical teams went to the North, taking advantage of treaty gatherings, or on board supply vessels or river barges. They visited remote camps, taking X-rays and giving vaccines, and a steady stream of patients was sent to the South as a result. In particular, the author evokes this sad period when children and parents were evacuated to Southern hospitals, and how this upset so many families. Tuberculosis victims returned home handicapped and could no longer hunt.

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Aboriginal Peoples : Fact and Fiction (2nd Ed.) by Pierre Lepage ; supervision, Maryse Alcindor ; translation, Jan Jordon .

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