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By David V. Widder

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Vintage textual content leads from straight forward calculus into extra theoretic difficulties. certain method with definitions, theorems, proofs, examples and routines. themes contain partial differentiation, vectors, differential geometry, Stieltjes quintessential, limitless sequence, gamma functionality, Fourier sequence, Laplace remodel, even more. a variety of graded routines with chosen solutions. 1961 edition.

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And Diff. Equ. Sci. 1980 Science Press, Beijing, China. Ivert, On quasilinear systems in diagonal form. Math. Z. 170 {1980), 283-286. Landes, On the existence of weak solutions of perturbed systems with critical growth. To appear in Crelle's Journal. [Mei 1] M. Meier, Reguliire und singulare Losungen quasilinearer elliptischer Gleichungen und Systeme. Diss. Bonn 1978. , Multiple integrals in the calculus of variations. Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg -New York, (1968). Stampacchia, Le probleme de Dirichlet pour les equations elliptiques du second ordre acoefficients discontinus, Ann.

5) which holds for a minimizing sequence (or subsequence) yield at once the existence of minimizers under various boundary conditions. The next result which is reasonable to expect and one would like to prove is a partial regularity theorem for minimizers u in Cartm(n,RN), saying that, under certain smoothness and growth conditions on the integrand F a minimizer is actually a C 1 map, except for a closed singular set of measure zero. It is the aim of this paper to prove such a theorem, but unfortunately only for a class of integrands which satisfy a sharp growth condition.

T) = l{x E Qo: Mf(x) > t}l. 1} t<'•) Ap(f(x))dx] Ap(sf(x)) dS. 2 S Now, using iv), the last integral is controlled by Reverse Jensen inequalities with different supports ~ c I -IQ o 1- 1 1 o Ap(t) 2 dt t Qon{f~1} + cIQol Q 0 n{f~1} 1 549 Ap(f(x))dx f(x)dx. 2) we get Finally and this gives the result. 3. Iff is a nonnegative, bounded measurable function in the cube Q 0 and A is a function verifying i) and ii), then PROOF. Let to = }qo A(f)dx. { Ap(f)dx = - 1 JQ 0 { Then A(f)(A(f))p- 1 dx f IQoi }{A(f)~to} A_P(f) dx = I+ II.

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