By Dr Jan Pajak

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Therefore on top of the existing energy consumption will be added the accumulation of energy in the numerous, newly-built Oscillatory Chambers. The energy accumulated in them over this short period of time will later be consumed gradually, during entire decades or even centuries of the stable period of the chamber's utilization. In the second half of the change-over period, the energy demand will begin to decline, till it reaches the level characteristic for the stable period. The energy-related situation of our civilization during this change-over period can be described by the following factors: - The number of chambers used by each person will gradually increase.

It produces DC impulses, whose variation in time approximately follows a square curve. A diagram of his generator can be supplied on request. The voltage of his impulses was about 300 kV. The current was fed in fast pulses whose frequency tries to match the resonance frequency of the chamber. It should be stressed at this point that the power supply to the chamber constitutes the most difficult and expensive part of the experimental station's set up. So far only Mr Zudzin has found enough dedication and persistence to continue his experimental work past this significant obstacle.

The first of them is the ability to intercept, total, and accumulate randomly appearing, small portions of energy. g. ). The second property of the chamber to be applied will be the production of a very powerful magnetic field. g. the magnetohydrodynamic effect of running water and wind, pulsating electromagnetic signals originating from natural sources such as crystals or free space, or a technological form of telekinesis used in the so-called free energy devices. 2 and D6) may completely eliminate from further exploitation all our present fuel-based sources of energy.

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