New PDF release: Adventures in Immediate Irreality

By Max Blecher

ISBN-10: 0811217604

ISBN-13: 9780811217606

Adventures in speedy Irreality, the masterwork of the Romanian author Max Blecher, vividly paints the crises of "irreality" that plagued him in his early life: eerie and unsettling mirages in which he might glimpse destiny occasions. In gliding chapters that stream with a unusual dream good judgment in their personal, this memoiristic novel sketches the tremulous, scary, and exhilarating awakenings of a tender guy.

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Whenever I see Mr. Hardy’s buffalo, I feel the same way. Mostly too close, says Mrs. Hardy. They raise their drinks to each other. Bessie takes her first sip then reaches into the bottom drawer next to the sink and pulls out cigarettes and matches. The buffalo reminds me, she says. I dreamt last night. My dream is so real I wake up. I feel that way about the buffalo. Too real. She lights both their cigarettes. I woke up too but not dreaming. Mrs. Hardy inspects the dishtowel over Bessie’s arm for holes.

Hardy. Want some olives? Remember the time you dreamt I should check the dry cleaners again for my coat? Mrs. Hardy smiles. And there it was. My dream didn’t say, Dig here in the field, or anything. Bessie picks up a dishrag and rinses out her glass. Just—he is a god. Blasphemy. The mind releasing what it can’t say, says Mrs. Hardy, sucking on the last ice cube. Face down he was, in water, says Bessie. I’m afraid of water. I’m home, shouts Mr. Hardy from the front door. A chair creaks in the hall when he sits and leans over to pull off his boots.

He didn’t shout. It was unseemly to shout. Really, he couldn’t. He was out. 7. The horse bore a cross, man-size, and that is what he had been adjusting in its sling and falling behind about, that cross, and that is what anybody would have seen, borne above the horse’s head if he himself had been in the place of the last man before him and looked back, having heard the surprised horse 8. but the last man coughed 9. and his nearly empty saddlebag jingled with knife and flint 27 28 10. and of course the wind howled across his ears 11.

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