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By Katalin É. Kiss

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This booklet investigates - frequently at the foundation of Hungarian info - the grammar of adverbs and adverbial adjuncts, between them locatives, temporals, comitatives, epistemic adverbs, adverbs of measure, demeanour, counting, and frequency, quantificational adverbs, and adverbial participles. within the spirit of the Minimalist examine application, the analyses specialize in the influence of semantic and phonological specifications on adverbial syntax.

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For example, it would not follow that, whereas preverbal adverbs take scope over their c-command domain, postverbal adverbs take scope from the positions of their preverbal counterparts. In order to account for the fairly free distribution of adverbs in German and French, Laenzlinger (2005) combines the feature-checking theory of Alexiadou (1997) and Cinque (1999) with remnant movement. In this framework, the postverbal position of a Hungarian low adverb can be the result of VP-movement into a specifier position (Spec,WP) above the functional phrase harboring the adverb.

It will be argued that the theoretical framework which is both su‰ciently flexible and su‰ciently constrained for a descriptively adequate analysis of the Hungarian data is the adjunction theory of Ernst (2002). Facts of Hungarian will also support a version of Chomsky’s (2001) claim that adverbials are attached to the syntactic tree on a separate plane, in a third dimension, and are integrated into linear order only in PF. Section 2 of the chapter will introduce the most problematic facts of Hungarian adverbial placement.

Or: b. c. d. La´tszo´lag Ja´nos ’egyu¨ttmu"ko¨do¨tt valo´szı´nuÚ leg a rendo"rse´ggel. ’ Valo´szı´nuÚ leg Ja´nos ’egyu¨ttmu"ko¨do¨tt la´tszo´lag a rendo"rse´ggel. Ja´nos ’egyu¨ttmu"ko¨do¨tt la´tszo´lag a rendo"rse´ggel valo´szı´nuÚ leg. Ja´nos ’egyu¨ttmu"ko¨do¨tt valo´szı´nuÚ leg la´tszo´lag a rendo"rse´ggel. 2 A subset of evidentials, asserting the truth of the proposition, may represent an exception. For details, see chapter 5. 24 Katalin E´. Kiss (9) a. b. c. d. Szerintem taktikusan ’JA´NOST va´lasztja´k meg valo´szı´nuÚ leg.

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