After Earth by Peter David PDF

By Peter David

ISBN-10: 0345543203

ISBN-13: 9780345543202

Event the titanic tapestry of After Earth in a novelization in contrast to the other: A thousand-year saga that includes unique content material from the brain of Peter David, the veteran sci-fi writer who helped boost the richly imagined universe. this is often the full, never-before-seen chronicle of the intense relatives that's been around the universe and back--from humanity's final days on the earth in the course of the occasions of the epic film!

Raige runs within the family

General Cypher Raige of the United Ranger Corps is just the most recent in a protracted line of heroes. For 1000 years, ever because the globe was once engulfed by way of environmental apocalypse, the Raiges were instrumental in humanity's survival. They led the best way because the survivors deserted Earth, settled an uninhabitable planet known as Nova leading, withstood an onslaught from a mysterious alien strength, and carved out a brand new domestic within the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

Now Cypher has back to his kinfolk after a longer journey of responsibility. For his thirteen-year-old son, Kitai, tagging together with his recognized father is the journey of a lifetime--and an opportunity to salvage their courting. but if an asteroid collides with their craft, they make a crash touchdown that leaves Cypher seriously--perhaps fatally--wounded.

Kitai Raige has regularly desired to turn out that he has what it takes to reside as much as his illustrious identify. Now, all too quickly, he will get his likelihood. along with his father's lifestyles at the line, Kitai needs to enterprise out into the unusual, adverse terrain of a brand new international that turns out eerily known: Earth.

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