Airfix Magazine Guide 09 Ancient Wargaming by Phil Barker PDF

By Phil Barker

ISBN-10: 0850592127

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Для сайта:Мир книг КнигиAirfix journal advisor. those small A5-sized books have been hardback, in black/white and regularly looked as if it would function precisely sixty four pages, no matter what topic. The books have been first produced in 1974 and have been published at a time, often 4 a 12 months. a complete of 28 are recognized. They have been released via Patrick Stephens Ltd.

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63 Rarely has a country, and a history, been so romanticized as Miller’s fairy-tale Greece, a world in which Miller finally comprehends the truths of “pain and sorrow” and can listen to the world’s heart beat; with every new location, this American traveler opens “a new vein of experience, approaching the heart of a star which is not yet extinguished” (57). It’s little surprise that Miller’s sidereal Greece mostly revolves around Miller: during a trip to Eleusis, an historically sacred spot outside of Athens, he opines: 61 62 63 It was with some hand-wringing that the adjective “American” found its way into the title of this study, partly because I didn’t, and don’t, wish to give the impression that every example bears specifically on classical reception in the United States.

Miller is particularly keen on the commonalities between the prehistories of Greece and the Americas: “Everything connected with Argos, shimmering now in the distance as in the romantic illustrations for text-books, smacks of the American Indians” (90). Miller’s thoughts on Greek women—a source of never-ending fascination for the eternally randy Miller—is also informed by his American roots: “The ordinary Greek girl whom one sees on the street is superior in every way to her American counterpart; above all, she has character and race, a combination .

That means that this project (like others in the field of reception) pushes the boundaries of what might be termed classical studies: it’s a truism that professional classicists stress the influence and profundity of classical texts, but it’s equally true that some classicists get nervous when adaptations stray too far from the source. By training, we classicists prefer our ideologies to be classical ones—of the stresses put on a text by the forces of republic and empire, or the tensions between polytheism and monotheism.

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