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By Lucien Soulban

The planet of Cyrene, tainted through the contact of the Ruinous Powers, is being purged via a vengeful Imperium. the distance Marines of the Blood Ravens bankruptcy are between these servants of the immortal Emperor bringing dying to the traitors and heretics of Cyrene, yet Captain Gabriel Angelos is pushed to accomplish a most vital challenge, whether it capability status opposed to the may possibly of the Inquisition

Author: Lucien Soulban
Publisher: Black Library
Released: may possibly 2013
Editions: 2013 ebook
ISBN: 9781782510581

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And before the spearhead fell, Townsaver's backhanded passage from the parry had torn loose the chainmail from the spearman s chest, bursting fine steel links into the air like a handful of summer flowers' fluff. The same sweep of the sword- point caught the small shield strapped to the man's left arm, and with a bonebreak snap dragged him crying into the air behind its arc. His body was dropped rolling in the dust. Now Mark's groping fingers found his dropped arrow, and he rose with it in his hand.

When it felt the sting of the reins it skipped a step, then slowed down in irritation. Mala in her impatience thought of leaping from its back and running on ahead, groping her own way along the lightless and unpaved road. But already she had almost reached her destination; now she could hear the cack- ling of the village fowl ahead as they sensed her approach. And now the first lighted windows were coming into view amid the trees. Presently, on a main street every bit as small and narrow as the only street of her own town, Mala was dismounting under a million stars, whose light made gray and ghostly giants of the Ludus Mountains loom- ing just a few kilometers to the east.

He could see now that he would have to transport and rebuild the fire in earth- grown wood-that would mean another delay, here on the treeless. roof of the world. But minor delays were unimportant, compared with the requirement of doing the job right. From the corner of his eye, as he stood contemplating his selected forge-site, he caught sight of powers that raced airborne across a far corner of the dawn. He turned his head, to see in the distant sky a flickering of colors, lights that were by turns foul and gentle.

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