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By Jennifer Wawrzinek

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Within the historical past of rules, the cultured different types of the elegant and the gruesome have exerted a robust strength over the cultural mind's eye. Ambiguous matters is likely one of the first reviews to check the connection among those recommendations. Tracing the heritage of the chic from the eighteenth century via Burke and Kant, Wawrzinek illustrates the ways that the elegant has characteristically been privileged as an inherently masculine and imperialist mode of expertise that polices and abjects the gruesome to the margins of applicable discourse, and how during which twentieth-century reconfigurations of the elegant more and more let the effective situating of those recommendations inside a dialogic relation as a way of instating a moral relation to others. This publication examines the articulations of either the chic and the ugly in 3 postmodern texts. taking a look at novels through Nicole Brossard and Morgan Yasbincek, and the functionality paintings of The Women's Circus, Wawrzinek illuminates the ways that those writers and performers restructure the spatial and temporal parameters of the chic with a view to enable numerous varieties of hugely contingent transcendence that usually unavoidably stay in terms of the gruesome physique. Ambiguous topics illustrates how the chic and the gruesome can co-exist in a way the place every one relies on and is inflected throughout the different, therefore allowing a thought of individuality and of group as contingent, yet however very genuine, moments in time. Ambiguous topics is vital interpreting for someone drawn to aesthetics, continental philosophy, gender experiences, literary thought, sociology and politics.

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Freeman develops the Lyotardian sublime into a model that she calls the ‘feminine sublime’, where a subject enters into a relation with an otherness that is both excessive and unrepresentable. Rather than leading to the possession, mastery or domination of the other, the sublime opens “a site of passage and border crossing in which meanings collide and transform one another [in] an ongoing process of re-metaphorisation” (1997: 10). Where the Lyotardian sublime draws attention to the unpresentable within presentation, the feminine sublime draws attention to the voices that have been silenced.

The first of these terms is, Burke argues, “either more openly or latently the ruling principle of the sublime” (1757: 54). Serpents and poisonous animals are considered as objects of terror, because clearly dangerous (1757: 53), but a dog, who is “sociable, affectionate, and amiable” is not (1757: 61). THE HAUNTING OF TRANSCENDENCE 35 Burke describes the various classes of sublime objects, while also attempting to explain how and why these objects, denoted by Burke as empirically sublime, affect the subject.

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