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By W. A. Sherrill, W. K. Chu

ISBN-10: 0140192069

ISBN-13: 9780140192063

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Host: For the purpose of convincing you that chasing pleasure will never satisfy you completely. Guest: I can see that: The minute I get what I want, the pleasure is instantly gone, and again I long for something, either bigger or altogether different. - 52 - The Dining Table Thus, I’m on a constant pleasure hunt, but never quite attain it; the minute I get my hands on it, it slips away. Host: And that is precisely why you should develop your sense of self and become aware of the futility of this type of existence.

There is a condition of the soul called "Shechina in the dust," when spiritually pure pleasures are considered to be superfluous and absurd. " All human suffering stems from the fact that we are compelled from Above to completely reject all common sense and proceed blindly, placing faith above reason. Yet, the more reason and knowledge we possess, and the stronger and more intelligent we become, the harder it is for us to follow the path of faith. Consequently, as we attempt to reject our common sense, we increase our suffering.

Guest (obviously enjoying and with his mouth full, yet looking somewhat troubled): Why is it that the more I eat, the less I enjoy the food? The pleasure I receive extinguishes the hunger and I enjoy it less and less. The nearer I get to feeling full, the less I enjoy my meal. And when I’ve received all the food, I’m left with nothing but the memory of the pleasure, not the pleasure itself. The pleasure was there only while I was hungry. When the hunger faded away, so did the - 41 - ATTAINING THE WORLDS BEYOND joy.

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