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He made enemies, however, and they used their influence, while he was absent from Acragas, to banish him from his home. He would spend much of his life in exile. ; Purifications, 1908), exist only in fragments. On Nature is an expression of Empedocles as a cosmic philosopher and as one of the earliest natural scientists. On Nature, an essay on the ability of humans to experience the world, in general describes Empedocles’ theory of the cosmology of the world. For Empedocles, the basic building blocks of true reality lie in the four “roots”: earth, air, fire, and water.

Thorley, John. Athenian Democracy. 2d ed. New York: Routledge, 2004. 361 Ephialtes of Athens Wallace, R. W. C. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1989. Hans-Friedrich Mueller See also: Athens; Cimon; Pericles. ; Athens, Greece Also known as: Epikouros Category: Philosophy Life Born an Athenian citizen on the isle of Samos, Epicurus (ehp-ihkKYOOR-uhs) began his philosophical education at fourteen and continued in Asia Minor after the conquests of Alexander the Great. He was tutored by the Platonist Pamphilus and the Democritean-Skeptic Nausiphanes but Epicurus.

He conducted his final campaign to Mantinea to regain allied support for Thebes. At the ensuing Battle of Mantinea, he again defeated Sparta but was killed in battle. Influence His military genius influenced subsequent warfare. The conqueror of Sparta, he created the Theban hegemony. Despite his many military campaigns, he genuinely but unsuccessfully sought a solution to the political problems of Greece. Further Reading Buckler, J. C. : Harvard University Press, 1980. Hanson, Victor Davis. The Soul of Battle.

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