Animal Talk: How Animals Communicate through Sight, Sound - download pdf or read online

By Etta Kaner

During this e-book within the Animal habit sequence, notice how animals speak via sight, sound and odor.

A sea lion puppy acknowledges its mother's name, despite hundreds of thousands of different noisy sea lions approximately. A vervet monkey shouts "ha-ha-ha" to warn of an eagle passing overhead. A peacock enthusiasts its vibrant tail feathers in a silent yet striking reveal to appeal to a peahen. even if it's to draw a mate, warn of predators or mark their territory, animals percentage info in a few remarkable methods. Containing plenty of fascinating proof, actions and easy-to-do experiments, this identify within the Animal habit sequence takes a imaginative method of exploring animal life.

Illustrated via Greg Douglas.

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_ . 33 Lighting up If you dove deep into the sea, at first it would seem to be totally dark. Then, suddenly, you would see lights flashing on and off. The lights would come from the bodies of fish and other sea creatures. They would be using their lights to communicate with each other. If you visited a stream on a warm summer night, you would see flashing lights in the air. They would be made by fireflies signaling to each other. How do these and other animals send light messages with their bodies?

When firefleas turn on their lights, fish are so startled that they drop the firefleas that were about to be their meal. Flashlight fish also have a greenish light that is made by bacteria, or germs, in pockets on their faces. When flashlight fish greet a friend, they blink their lights on and off very quickly. They do this by opening and closing a cover that works like your eyelids. Talk to a firefly If you pretend to be a female firefly, you might get a male firefly to land on your finger. All you need is a tiny flashlight and some patience.

How do other waterstriders know what the message is? By the speed of the drumming! A lacewing insect sends its vibrations down a plant stem to another lacewing by shaking its body. Each species of lacewing has its own special rhythm. Its message tells which species it belongs to and therefore whether it would be a good mate. Communicate with vibes If you want to talk to a friend in a secret code, try using vibrations. All you need is a long piece of thin string. 1. Tie one end of the string to a table leg and the other end to the knob of a closed door or to the other table leg.

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