New PDF release: Application of Calculus - Problems and Solutions

By S. Bandyopadbyay, S. Maiti

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8)3. Evaluate this volume. 60. 4-cm-radius sphere (Fig. 4)3 cm3. Find this volume. 61. 5 dollars. Find this amount, to the nearest cent. Roots Find each principal root without using your calculator. FIGURE 1–7 62. 125 63. 1 3 27 64. 149 65. 1 3 Ϫ27 66. 1 3 Ϫ8 67. 1 5 Ϫ32 Evaluate each radical by calculator, retaining the proper number of digits in your answer: 68. 2 69. 863 70. 3 71. 1772 72. 13875 73. 1 3 7295 74. 1 3 Ϫ386 75. 4 76. 774 Applications of Roots 77. The period T (time for one swing) of a simple pendulum (Fig.

85 ϫ 103 18. 75 ϫ 10Ϫ5 19. 9 ϫ 104 20. 05 ϫ 104 21. 667 ϫ 10Ϫ3 Converting Numbers to Engineering Notation Convert each number to engineering notation. 22. 34,382 23. 58 ϫ 102 24. 26,940 25. 134 Ϫ2 26. 48 ϫ 10 27. 00374 Converting Numbers from Engineering Notation Convert each number from engineering notation to decimal notation. 28. 385 ϫ 103 29. 18,640 ϫ 10Ϫ3 30. 8488 ϫ 10Ϫ3 31. 7739 ϫ 10Ϫ3 32. 37 ϫ 103 33. 66 ϫ 106 Addition and Subtraction Combine without using a calculator. Give your answer in scientific notation.

8) are shown on the screen. ◆◆◆ TI-83/84 screen for Example 27. Loss of Significant Digits During Subtraction Subtracting two nearly equal numbers can lead to a drastic loss of significant digits. ◆◆◆ Example 28: When we subtract, say, 6,755 Ϫ 6,753 ϭ 2 we get a result having one significant digit, while our original numbers each had four. While not common, you should be aware that it can happen, and can destroy ◆◆◆ the accuracy of a computation. 0 which gives a three significant digit result from numbers having two significant ◆◆◆ digits each.

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