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By Jean-Pierre Aubin

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Nonlinear research, previously a subsidiary of linear research, has complex as a person self-discipline, with its personal equipment and purposes. in addition, scholars can now strategy this hugely lively box with no the preliminaries of linear research. As this article demonstrates, the thoughts of nonlinear research are uncomplicated, their proofs direct, and their functions transparent. No necessities are important past the ordinary idea of Hilbert areas; certainly, the various finest effects lie in Euclidean spaces.
In order to stay at an introductory point, this quantity refrains from delving into technical problems and complex effects no longer in present use. purposes are defined once attainable, and theoretical elements are aimed toward functional use. issues diversity from very soft features to nonsmooth ones, from convex variational difficulties to nonconvex ones, and from economics to mechanics. historical past notes, reviews, bibliography, and indexes complement the text.

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2, SEC. 1 SMOOTH a n a l y s is the trivial one at some value of L Because of the practical importance of the problem, we also investigate the stability of the solutions we find, trivial or not. We conclude by stating and proving Thom’s transversality theorem, prob­ ably one of the most brilliant achievements of modern mathematics. It is an everyday tool in topology and geometry and is making its way into analysis: We cannot do it complete justice, but we do provide a full proof and immediate applications.

P-^*i)+‘^M®= ‘"f, \pdp-A*q)-YaMiq)'\ qe Y In particular, (30) l i A e ^ (X , Y), if M is a closed convex subset of Y, and if 0 e Int (Im A —M), then h(A-\M ))=A*h{M ) 31 32 CH. 1, SEC. 5 BACKGROUND and for all p 6 b(A A*q=p NOTES there exists q e b(M) such that and inf M i ) A q=^p (31) If Ki and K 2 are two closed convex subsets of X such that 0 6 Int (/(fi - /sTj) then b(/i:ini^2)=b(^i)+b(/:2) and for all/j e b( ATi n K 2 ), there existspi e b( p = Pi+Pi and <^K, nK2(p) = <^KriPi) + <^K2( P2) = in f P = Pl + P 2 andp 2 e b{K2 ) such that {(^Kt i Pl ) + <^K2(P2)) Remark Formulas (22)-(28) are straightforward.

3c„)=0, as desired. =4| We have represented a diffeomorphism of 2B" onto the southern hemisphere of 25", taking the center of 2B" to the south pole of 25" and the boundary to the equator. The vector field ^ on 2 F ‘ is transformed into a tangent vector field on the northern hemisphere by the formula i(yiy . • , yn, yn+ l)= - l(yi 9• • . , y m -yn+l) for 1 ^ I ^ n 46 CH. 2, SEC. 3 SMOOTH ANALYSIS Of course, if a continuous vector field on 5" points inward on the boundary, (x, (J(x))<0 for ||x|| = 1, then it also has a zero, because —i* will point outward and (J has the same zeroes as —<^.

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