Arslan (SF Masterworks) - download pdf or read online

By M.J. Engh

A vintage of political technological know-how fiction

Arslan is a tender Asian basic who has conquered america after which the realm, with a small city in Illinois because the capital of his new empire.

Praised by means of the likes of Orson Scott Card and Samuel R. Delany, ARSLAN is a considerate yet uncompromising paintings, one that nonetheless keeps the facility to shock.

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He met my eyes suddenly. “More difficult, sir. ” I had to wet my lips again. ” I heard myself make a snorting noise. Somehow I had expected better from him. He smiled innocently. “Or I could say, ‘destroy civilization,’ if you prefer that I should be ... diabolical. But what is that civilization, sir? Is it so worthy of preservation? ” “I'll tell you exactly what is wrong with it. ” His eyebrows went up. “Christianity has had its chance. Now I have mine. No, sir; the two great curses of mankind are very simple: hunger and crowding.

I got there first, and they waited grinning while I opened up. We might be wanting those doors intact. They pushed in. Whatever they were, they weren't Americans. I got in front of a sergeant (I didn't bother to count his stripes, but he looked like a sergeant) and braced my legs. ” I said. He looked at me without much interest and gave an order, and three men backed me into my office. I guessed this was what was called token resistance; anyway, it seemed like the best idea available at the moment.

No, no. ” I gave her a list of names to work on and told her to be careful—good advice in a cyclone, but there wasn't much else to say. I was still on the phone at five, checking with people who'd helped make calls. The line went dead almost on the second by the master clock. That was it. I rubbed my face and said a little prayer. They had left me alone all this time, and when I stepped out into the hall nobody bothered me. I walked down to the cafeteria and through it into the gym. My living-room couch was standing in the center of the stage at the opposite end, with my coffee table in front of it.

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