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As in the case of physical water and the earth, the Elemental Force of Water occupies a great deal of the Inner Plane space. In fact, it is sometimes called the Astral Plane. It is a very wide big plane but actually there is no wide or big or anything there; we just have to use those English words to try to understand it. Coming down from higher planes is condensation or contraction. All things must contract in order to become stable. So your Talisman must embody that force in it somewhere. There is another matter here that I believe I will speak of although actually it doesn’t seem to quite belong here.

The triangle will have to appear in your Talismans. Now for the time being, just keep these things in mind and see if you can find some additional material on these different god characters. Now we come to the Plane of Air which is ruled by Zeus. The symbol of Air is a circle and round things are moveable and, as you know, wheels are round, everything that rolls or moves by itself. I don’t mean man moving with his legs, I mean that things that move have wheels and wheels are round, so a round circle is the symbol of Air.

I owe a debt to this book, and I think you will find it helpful, although you have to do a lot of reading between the lines and struggle with his English expression translations. Rama Prasad claims in this book that every hour is a period of the day, according to the time of year, the season, whether long days-short nights, short days-long nights. If you care to study the Elemental Forces that far out from astrological periods – to days of the week, to hours of the day – in time you could become sensitive enough to know, by inner feeling, just which Elemental Force is “ruling” the particular moment you are in.

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