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41 105 mm KH 178 Light Howitzer Following the examination of examples of the British Royal Ordnance 1 05 Light Gun (qv) and a German Rheinmetallproduced update of the American 1 05 Ml 01 howitzer, the Kia Machine Tool Company undertook their own in-house development of a modernised version of the venerable 1 1 Production of the mm mm M new model , the 1 . 05 mm KH 1 78 , for the South Korean Army commenced in 1 984. Since then attempts have been made to export the KH178, without apparent success.

4 is into service with the old Red Army. Developed as a wartime expedient, again by the highly active Petrov design bureau, the D-l continued an established Soviet practice of combining from two existing components artillery pieces. The carriage, shield and recoil system of the 122 Howitzer M-30 (qv) were combined with the ordnance of the 152 Howitzer M-10 (Ml 938), along with the M-10 variable charge ammunition family. Where necessary the split trail mm mm M-30 carriage was strengthened to accommodate the extra stresses and weights involved.

Mm RDM 155 Ml 39/39 & The Dutch Ml 39 Howitzers RDM BV of Rotterdam were another engineering concern to realise the conversion potential of the venerable American 1 55 1 1 4 towed howitzer. mm M By replacing the old 23-calibre barrel with a new 39-calibre barrel the converted howitzers would be able to fire modem ammunition to greatly increased ranges at a much lower cost than procuring comparable performance artillery systems from new. RDM named their conversion the 155 M139/39. From the outset RDM decided to retain as many parts of the existing Ml 14s as possible but allied mm them with a new 39-calibre barrel manufactured for RDM by the Swedish Netherlands Bofors AB.

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