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By Ian C. Esslemont

ISBN-10: 1429948612

ISBN-13: 9781429948616

This followup to Ian C. Esselmont's Blood and Bone is certain to please Malazan fans.

Tens of hundreds of thousands of years of ice is melting, and the land of Assail, lengthy a byword for risk and inaccessibility, is ultimately yielding its secrets and techniques. stories of gold came across within the region's north stream in each waterfront dive and sailor's tavern and now numerous adventurers and fortune-seekers have set sail looking for riches. some of these adveturers need to consultant them are legends and garbled stories of the hazards that lie in wait — opposed coasts, fields of ice, impassable limitations and unusual, terrifying creatures. yet all money owed concur that the folk of the north meet all trespassers with the sword. And past are rumoured to lurk Elder monsters out of history's very beginnings. Into this turmoil ventures the mercenary corporation, the purple defend. now not drawn through agreement, yet via the promise of solutions: solutions to mysteries that Shimmer, moment in command, wonders may still also be sought. Arriving additionally, a part of an uneasy alliance of Malazan fortune-hunters and Letherii soldiery, comes the bard Fisher kel Tath. And with him is a Tiste Andii who was once chanced on washed ashore and who can't consider his earlier existence, but who instructions way more energy than he rather may still. additionally venturing north is expounded to be a effective champion, a guy who as soon as fought for the Malazans, the bearer of a sword that slays gods: Whiteblade.

And finally, a long way to the south, a lady guards the shore watching for either her allies and her enemies. Silverfox, newly incarnated Summoner of the timeless military of the T'lan Imass, will do whatever to prevent the renewal of an ages-old campaign which may lay waste to the total continent and beyond.

Casting mild on mysteries spanning the Malazan empire, and providing a glimpse of the storied and epic heritage that formed it, "Assail" is the ultimate bankruptcy within the epic tale of the Empire of Malaz.

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Complete with a tail. When worn, it provides the wearer with a +10 circumstance bonus to Climb checks. Faint transmutation; CL 3rd; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, spi- BALANCED der climb; Price 11,160 gp; Cost 5,660 gp + 440 XP weapons are treated as if they are one size smaller. For example, a Created by the diminutive nghoi (ng-HOHY) humans, balanced +1 balanced shortspear is treated as a Small weapon instead of a OSTRICH ARMOR Medium weapon. This allows it to be used one-handed by a Small This suit of +1 leather armor is made from ostrich skin, com- creature, or as a light weapon by a Medium creature.

For magic armor is just as common here as it is in other realms, perhaps example, turning a masterwork short sword into a +1 short sword even more so. This is not surprising; armor is not commonly worn costs (2,310 ÷ 5 =) 462 XP. Later, the character could make the in Nyambe because its drawbacks outweigh its advantages, and +1 short sword into a +2 short sword by applying an additional magic armor changes that balance. [(8,310 – 2,310) ÷ 5 =] 1,200 XP. In any case, the effective bonus of the item can never be greater than 1/2 the character’s level, rounded down.

These weapons always stink like weapons can be enchanted to be skull-crushing. If this result is ran- rotting flesh. Moderate divination; CL 8th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, true domly determined for a non-bludgeoning weapon, reroll. The forces of the Zombi Empire originally crafted these weapons, and strike; Price +1 bonus to this day the agogwe (ah-GOHG-weh) halflings refuse to wield them. This ability cannot be applied to ranged weapons. Strong evocation; CL 18th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, true UNYIELDING strike, crushing hand; Price +5 bonus For instance, if it’s placed on a club (which has a normal threat SPIRIT-BANE (PSIONIC ABILITY) Only blunt weapons can be enchanted to be unyielding.

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