New PDF release: Astrology: sense or nonsense?

By Biman Basu

ISBN-10: 8123753888

ISBN-13: 9788123753881

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Moreover, a paradoxical failure of logic emerges in which the mind itself not only attempts to place limits on the mind, but also then insists on such limits as the basis and the best of its logic. In truth, there is an overwhelmingly subjective, contingent, and relative flavor to all that human reason proclaims and consequently to much of the worldview that modern science sets forth as a fully comprehensive system of knowledge and as a framework for action. It is true that reason pursues a line of logic, exhibits a profound capacity for mathematical formulation, and offers an exacting and progressive vision of the future with cutting-edge technology as the measure of its success.

Quoted in Rama Coomaraswamy, In Quest of the Sacred, eds. S. H. Nasr and Katherine O’ Brien (Oakton, Va: Foundation for Traditional Studies, 1994), p. 103. 2. A conspiracy that ended, it should be pointed out, with the end of the evolutionary process itself. It may surprise a few people to learn that there is no definitive evidence substantiating the claim that an evolutionary process as a grand progression of trans-species development, envisaged by Darwin and perpetuated by modern-day biologists, has ever happened.

Scientists adhere to the party line that their discipline is a rational one, just as their form of knowing resides within the physical rather than the metaphysical plane. However, the denial of the existence of the intellect leads to a conceptual chasm between the seen and unseen realities, and this is nearly impossible to bridge in the modern world: The external world of matter and the internal world of mind, if you will, have then seemingly lost their connection; and this means, of course, that the universe, and our position therein, have become de facto unintelligible.

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