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I just shut my eyes. I started talking about the anointing, and I walked down the stage. " I said, "Now, just open your heart to the anointing," when I heard—wham, wham, wham, wham, wham, wham! I looked, and they were all down—no catchers. No catchers. Every one of them was touched by God that night. Every one of them. That's the kind of revival I want to be a part of. Channeling the Power We have a problem that's happening in the Church today. It's a real problem. I'm going to cover it in detail later on in this book.

He said, "Do you know what these fundamental Christians are? They are primitive. " The Ultimate Deception Ultimately, this New Age teaching teaches that we can all become God in our own right. And they're luring people with the power of signs and wonders. In fact, do you know what they call Christians? They say Christians are anti-Christ! They're flipping that term around, and you ought to see the way they're using the Bible. " They do not believe in a personal God but, rather, in a supreme energy force or super-consciousness that pervades the entire universe.

It is overstretched; it is exaggerated. I believe not even 50 percent of the stories that I hear. It is an exaggeration. I love ministry gifts, and I am one. But God is going to hold us accountable for exaggeration. How dare we report miracles when we do not know they can be substantiated? We need to stop this exaggeration, for as long as we pretend that we have power, we're never going to be in a position to really receive a genuine revival. And real power is on the way! Show Biz Revival The Church today has been duped.

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