Download e-book for iPad: Battle for the Mind A Physiology of Conversion and by William Sargant, Charles Swencionis

By William Sargant, Charles Swencionis

It is a publication at the body structure of spiritual and ideological conversion in response to mental theories of Ivan Pavolov.

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150 Patients often showed areas of both focal excitation and focal inhibition. There might be rigidity or inhibition of facial movements or speech, combined with severe tremors of the body and hands. Or a paralysis of speech might be combined with neck jerldngs. Acute anxiety was often marked by inability to swallow. The upper part of the body might shake violently while the lower part remained still, A set or grinning face might be accompanied by tremors, jerks, and writhings of other parts of the body.

But it was plain to the doctor who had studied Pavlov's experiments that such requests could be prompted by a temporary fixation on the idea of having to get out of hospital and back to duty at all costs; and that it had caused a reflex inhibition of all thoughts about his deplorable physical and nervous state — which would certainly prevent himfromundertaking any work whatsoever. If he was then quietly told that his return to duty must be postponed, and given the reasons for this, he might suddenly realize again how things really were and become more co-operative.

Then Pavlov let a trickle of water run in under the door of the laboratory. 51 That some of the still-sensitized dogs had resisted total breakdown did not shake Pavlovs conviction that appropriate stresses, properly applied, could have profound effects on all of them. Application, of these findings about dogs to the mechanics of many types of religious and political conversion in human beings suggests that, for conversion to be effective, the subject may first have to have his emotions worked upon until he reaches an abnormal condition of anger, fear, or exaltation.

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