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The direction of the drift with respect to the field tells about the sign of the carriers, which are most often electrons, but can also be “holes” [Kl]. 18 Conductivity is measured in siemens per meter. ) Fe : 5 to 10 × 106, Al : 36 × 106, Cu : 58 × 106. 1. 19 This, in the case of nonmoving conductors. The v in (9) is sum of the speed of the free charge with respect to the conductor and of the latter’s own speed, V. In case V ≠ 0, one will have j = σ (e + V × b) instead of (12). Problems involving moving conductors will not be addressed in this book (with the advantage of always working within a unique reference frame).

They often depend on temperature, and are measured and tabulated for a large array of products, foodstuffs in particular. Cf. , [F S, S t, Jo]. ) Nothing forbids accepting complex µ’s as well, and not only for the sake of symmetry. This really occurs with ferrites36 [La, Li], and also in some modellings, a bit simplistic37 perhaps, of hysteresis. 34 One often says “harmonic”, but be wary of this use, not always free of ambiguity. 35 This procedure is valid, a priori, each time one is certain about the uniqueness of the solution of the problem “in the time domain”, for if one finds a solution, by whatever method, it’s bound to be the right one.

D being a space domain,3 the set of all functions continuous at all points of D is denoted C 0(D). A function is continuously differentiable in D if all its partial derivatives are in C0(D), and one denotes by C 1(D) the set of such functions (an infinite-dimensional linear space). Similarly, C k(D) or C ∞(D) denote the spaces composed of functions which have continuous partial derivatives of all orders up to k or of all orders without restriction, inside D. In common parlance, one says that a function “is C k ”, or “is C ∞ ” in some region, implying that there is a domain D such that C k(D), or C∞(D), includes the restriction of this function to D as a set element.

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