Beyond Pleasure and Pain: How Motivation Works by E. Tory Higgins PDF

By E. Tory Higgins

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How does motivation paintings? The vintage solution is that folks are encouraged to procedure excitement and stay away from discomfort, that they're stimulated through "carrots and sticks." yet to appreciate human motivation, it is crucial to move past excitement and ache. What humans wish is to be potent of their existence objectives, and there are 3 unique ways in which humans are looking to be powerful. they need to be powerful in having wanted effects (value), including having excitement yet isn't constrained to excitement. they need to be powerful in dealing with what occurs (control) and in developing what is actual (truth), whether the method of handling what occurs or developing what is actual is painful. those 3 detailed methods of eager to be powerful transcend simply in need of excitement, yet there's much more to the tale of ways motivation works. those methods of desirous to be powerful don't functionality in isolation. quite, they interact. certainly, the ways in which price, fact, and regulate interact is the primary tale of motivation. through knowing how motivation works as a company of price, fact, and keep watch over factors, we will re-think easy motivational concerns, reminiscent of the character of character and tradition, how the reasons of others might be controlled successfully, and what's "the reliable life."

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It is also necessary to know where the preferences that direct choices come from. What is it that people want that underlies their preferences? What does a motivated person really want? There is more than one reasonable answer to the question. That said, I do believe that some answers are better than others. In my review of possible answers, I will restrict myself to the strongest ones (as defined by historical precedence and consensus). 30 If so, then “to survive” must be what we really want. , what people really want) that leads to this outcome.

3 In the same book, Hilgard and Marquis go on to say that “it is important to distinguish between the guidance and the energetics of behavior. , to buy a book to prepare for the art school entrance exam), translates into a goal intention that corresponds to a system in tension within the person. The system in tension involves a force acting upon the person, producing a tendency to locomote or move toward the goal. 7 20 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Conceptualizing motivation as general, all-purpose energy to be directed or guided or shaped also has etymological roots.

According to regulatory focus theory,26 the same goal, such as having a good marriage, can be experienced in promotion as a hope or aspiration (something you want ideally to happen) or experienced in prevention as a duty or responsibility (something you believe you ought to or must make happen). In promotion, goal pursuit is about change from a current satisfactory state to something better (changing from “0” to “+1”); it is about gains. In prevention, goal pursuit is about stopping change from a satisfactory current state to something unsatisfactory (stopping change from “0” to “–1”); it is about non-losses.

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