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By Thomas Valone PhD

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The one ebook explaining the clinical purposes for powerful use of electrotherapy. It fills a niche within the renowned health-related booklet decisions by way of providing transparent interpretations of the newest study, sponsored up with easy-to-read charts and graphs. because the pharmaceutical offerings for future health care develop into increasingly more restricted, treating merely the symptom, the final bolstering of the immune process with electrotherapy is proving to have a well-spring of healing merits. there are numerous bioelectromagnetic (BEM) units re-emerging within the twenty first century, in keeping with excessive voltage Tesla coils, that it sounds as if convey priceless health and wellbeing advancements to human organisms. The Tesla coil type of treatment units represent pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) that carry broadband, broad spectrum, nonthermal photons and antioxidant electrons deep into organic tissue. the result of this sort of remedy are defined within the ebook with plenty of references for additional info.

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Dr. 93 Multiple Interactions with EMF Some mechanisms for the interaction with EMFs are shown in the Adaptability Chart in this chapter. It includes (1) electronic excitation to a higher energy level following the absorption of electromagnetic energy in the visible or UV spectrum, which is also capable of altering chemical bonds; (2) polarization which, if the dipoles are attached to a membrane, can alter membrane permeability; (3) forces on induced dipoles cause pearl-chain formation for fields above 10 kV/m; (4) heat effects are a “ubiquitous consequence of EMFs” but independent of the details of molecular activity; (5) other processes that have sensitivities as low as one billionth of a microwatt per square centimeter (10-9 μW/cm2).

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