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By Frederick A. Johnsen

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Its complete power nonetheless no longer explored, the version 299 crashed at Wright box on 30 October 1935 on takeoff, with the keep watch over locks inadvertently engaged. a lot because the crash of the hot XP-38 Lightning a number of years later didn't kill that promising software, so did the Flying citadel outlive the loss of life of the prototype.

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Beneath his tight-fitting surcoat with its wide, elbowlength sleeves he would have had a plate cuirass or perhaps a late form of coat-of-plates, and beneath this a mail hauberk. There appears to be plate armour on at least the outsides of his arms, on his knees and lower legs. Note the 'ballock dagger' at his hip. (in situ Church of St Peter, Naestved, Denmark) 41 simple cloth covering with visible iron rivet heads and polished bronze washers to secure the internal splints or lames. Beneath this is a short-sleeved mail shirt over a longsleeved mail hauberk.

The latter is itself carried in a long canvas bag with the top end folded over, the whole apparently being thrust through or looped from the waist belt. H3: Lapp hunter, 16th c e n t u r y Pictorial representations of the people of the far north of Scandinavia apparently made from verbal descriptions in the 15th and early 16th centuries are not reliable, but do include certain elements in common with more accurate 17th century illustrations. Given the highly traditional nature of nomadic Lapp culture, in which much the same costumes were still being worn in late 19th and early 20th century photographs, it is fair to assume that 16th century Lapps looked similar to those shown in the 17th century sources.

Note the scalloped fabric strips at the shoulders cf Plate E2. (in situ local church, Tensta, Sweden) a gilded pommel and quillons and a leather-covered grip. On the front of the right hip a ballock dagger with a gilded guard and pommel sits in a leather sheath with a gilded chape, suspended from the belt by a buckled strap. Over ordinary mail chausses the man-at-arms has plate iron leg harness, but only for the front of his legs and tops of his feet and secured by buckled straps around the back of the legs.

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