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By Paul Case

ISBN-10: 0938002007

ISBN-13: 9780938002000

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Nothing existeth alone; All things are in combination. Manifestation requireth The appearance of separate parts. When I show forth my power, What I bring into existence Must seem other than myself; [65] THE BOOK OF TOKENS And because I am wholly free, I present myself to myself In an endless variety of forms. Yet is the seeming isolation of class and kind, The separateness of creatures, Naught but illusion which deludeth me not, Nor are they by it deceived In whom my Wisdom has ripened. 3 Unfathomed and unfathomable Is the Great Deep Of mine interior nature.

They know me truly who see That it is my nature to bring forth And to originate. This whole universe Is an expression of my Primal Will to yield fruit. 11 Even as in Genesis thou mayest read T h a t Light was the first creation, So hath it been known since the beginning By the wise. They worship me with wisdom Who turn their faces toward the East, For the shining of the dawn Is a type of all my works. [57] THE 12 BOOK OF TOKENS This whole creation Is the irradiation of that Limitless Light Which I am; But never shall mere man Attain to the source of that divine illumination.

Therefore the letter HEH belongeth to my paternal Mercy, Since in the number Four, Which appertaineth unto CHESED, Mercy, Is the number Ten concealed, Even as it is hidden in the word "window". And in that exhaustless Mercy [56] HEH Lie hid the riches of the Kingdom, For the Decad is the Kingdom, And the Decad is hidden in CHESED. io Regard me, therefore, as the paternal YOD Which imparteth life to the whole creatiou. Not made with hands, but begotten. Is this universe of which thou art At once a part and the whole.

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