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By George Bradford

In accordance with meticulous examine of exact autos, reputable pictures, manufacturing unit requirements, and, every now and then, the unique layout plans, George Bradfords drawings of worldwide conflict II armored struggling with automobiles are rendered with nice precision and in precise scale delivering army fans and modelers an important reference on those metal chariots of warfare. This quantity covers British autos equivalent to the Cruiser, Matilda, Crusader, Churchill, Cromwell, and the Valentine.

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The t-square and quadrant at the lower right were for measuring the mortar's angle of elevation to assist in aiming. 44 Type Cost of naked gun 120-pound cannon 1,269 ducats lOa-pound culverin 1,227 80-pound cannon 781 50-pound culverin 781 50-pound cannon 472 20-pound culverin 314 177 20-pound cannon 12-pound saker 175 6-pound falcon 151 3-pound falconet 90 Cost with carrIage 1,310 ducats 1,069 814 812 501 334 294 190 160 97 THE NEW FURY plan for an immensely tall artillery tower (for the Castello Sforzesco at Milan) An engraving of the 1570 Turkish siege of Nicosia.

First the city under attack had to be sealed from outside communication, as far as possible, with a continuous circuit 47 THE RENAISSANCE AT WAR of infantry camps, cavalry patrols and guard posts. By the end of the sixteenth century this circuit would usually be a continuous belt of sconces and trenches. If there was a risk of a relieving army approaching then a second, outward-facing line of defences was also necessar~ The attacking general and his staff of engineers and captains, if they had not already done so, next had to choose a focus for their attack, their point of concentration: an ill-sited bastion, an older stretch of curtain, a decayed gate tower.

Among the most famous of these truly Renaissance-minded reformers were the Nassau cousins, Protestant noblemen and professional generals at the end AN ARMY IN THE FIELD Renaissance armies varied widely in size and composition. Probably the most representative of progressive practice was that maintained in the Netherlands by King Philip II of Spain to suppress the Dutch Revolt. This was a large and polyglot force, raised from every corner of the Spanish Habsburg Empire - and beyond. Under the command of the Duke of Alva (1567-73) and then the Duke of Parma (1578-92) the reputation of this force was second to none.

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British Armored Fighting Vehicles (World War II AFV Plans) by George Bradford

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