Bulfinch's Age of Fable or Beauties of Mythology - download pdf or read online

By Thomas Bulfinch, W. H. Klapp, Stanley William Hayter

The writer explains that the aim of this e-book is to 'tell the tales in terms of the religions of historical Greece and Rome that are now extinct - that now they belong now to literature'.

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And Liber loves the vine. And Pales loves the straw-built Warm shed with the breath of kine And Venus loves j the whisper Of plighted youth and maid. **— /V^/z^^ry of Capys, The gods were classified as higher or lower according to rank. The higher order moved in the region of air above trtieir the clouds. At times they assembled on the summit of Olympus which reason they were known as the Olympian gods. These were twelve in number Ju'pi-ter (Zeus), Ju'no (He'ra), Nep'tune (Po-sei-don), Ceres (De-me'ter), A-pono, Di-a'na (Ar'te-mis), Vul'can (He-phaestus), Min'er-va (Pallas A-the'ne), Mars(A'res), (Ve'nus (Aph-ro-di'te), Mer'cu-ry (Her'mes), and Ves'ta.

Ves'ta (the Hes'ti-a of the Greeks) was a deity presiding over the public and private hearth. A sacred fire, tended by six virgin in her temples. nected with let it go its out, As priestesses called Vestals, flamed the safety of the city was held to be con-: conservation, the neglect of the virgins, if they was severely punished, and the fire was rekindled from the rays of the sun. Li'ber is the Latin name of Bac'chus ; and Murci-ber of Vulcan. • There was also a goddess called Fauna, or Bona Dea.

Visited hundred years ago, wrote three Unfortunately but one Proindheui Vulcan, after much hesitation, chains the Titan to the by Mercury, who offers release on condition that his secret There are many very excellent English is j)erhaps his best iulcipreter. translations. The i)oet BYTUOK CHAPTER — 99 III. — Py'thon A-porio and Daph'ne Pyr'a-mus and This'be Ceph'a-lus and Proc'ris. The — slime with which the earth was covered by the waters of the flood produced an excessive fertility variety of production, both which called forth every bad and good.

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