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By Tom M. Apostol

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An advent to the calculus, with an exceptional stability among idea and method. Integration is handled prior to differentiation--this is a departure from newest texts, however it is traditionally right, and it's the most sensible technique to identify the real connection among the indispensable and the by-product. Proofs of the entire very important theorems are given, in most cases preceded through geometric or intuitive dialogue. This moment variation introduces the mean-value theorems and their purposes previous within the textual content, encompasses a remedy of linear algebra, and includes many new and more straightforward workouts. As within the first version, an engaging old creation precedes every one vital new idea.

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Ad)/(bc) ifb 95 0 and 95 0, c ab. yé 0 and d 74 0. d 95 0. 95 and is quotient of =0. ) = —(ab)and (c/d) 4 is = a—l. - thena=Oorb =0, + b of Axiom g or is called 1 ab (aT1)—1 a. yrs 0, then = Given by b/a = If MULTIPLICATION. FOR DIVISION. 9. a there 4. list Of theorems. a 4 is Axiom a. — of Axiom those are ADDITION. the number that a‘1 and written a 95 0 x 0. is denoted x THEOREM If number numbers. real of b LAW shows is also real ac. — = this b. = there x x a. = c) (In particular, that number - (—a).

Not are A C_: B. A of the validity following properties (a) {a, a} {a}. (b) {as {b: a}. (c) {a} {b, c} if and only if a (g) BCD. (h) (i) BED. AED. of set equality. = = the Prove in Exercises relations set b = = c. = 8 19. through (Sample proofs of this end the at given are section). 8. Commutative 9. Associative laws: A A laws: Distributivelaws:A 11. A UA =A, A 0A 12. Aug U U n Ang =A, nB) B = (B C) (B U C) =A, U 10. B U A A, (A (A = = U n n B) B B = A. n A C, B) U(A U n n (B n C), A U A 15. IfA 16.

Team,” objects in the collection are called elements or of the set, and they are said to belong to or to be contained in members be composed of its elements. The set, in turn, is said to contain or the set. was (1815—1864) mathematician Laws of Thought, published in 1854, marked the creation F. L. P. Cantor and school created his (1845—1918) Georg T George Boole 1874—1895. an English or and logician. His book, An Investigation of the of the first workable system of symbolic logic. the the modern of sets during theory period Introduction 12 We shall curves, sets with primarily in and of geometric figures, which is nothing special be interested in sets the collection.

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