Richard Meyer's Cemeteries and Gravemarkers: Voices of American Culture PDF

By Richard Meyer

ISBN-10: 0874211603

ISBN-13: 9780874211603

Cemeteries apartment the useless, yet gravemarkers are formed via the dwelling, who list on them not just their pleasures, sorrows, and hopes for an afterlife, but in addition greater than they discover in their background, ethnicity, and tradition. Richard Meyer has collected twelve unique essays interpreting burial grounds in the course of the centuries and around the land to provide a vast realizing of the heritage and cultural values of groups, areas, and American society at large.

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The curious head in the crest area at first seems to be an impish figure, but a closer inspection reveals that the pointed ears probably are those of a cat and what appears to be wings is part of the mantling. Flanking the shield are a pair of swans. The motto reads SOLA VIRTUS INVICTA The Mary Carothers stone also uses a heraldic bird. In this case, hawks flank a shield containing a two-masted ship. The back of this stone shows a cleverly worked design of four bandlike sections running the width of the stone and separated by double-etched lines (figs.

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