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By Marko Pogacnik

ISBN-10: 1844094065

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This choice of tales deals sharply diversified views of the 5th Gospel from the standard biblical interpretations.

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57)2. The wild vetch is a plant which develops such thick stems that in Palestine it was dried and used as kindling. This emphasizes once again that the burn2 The discoveries at Nag Hammadi include a manuscript of the Gospel of Thomas. This is not composed of verses like the four canonical gospels, but of Jesus’ individual sayings which are indicated as ‘Logion’. ”. Testing the Etheric Layers of the Gospel Texts 47 ing of the darnel is not meant to be an act of damnation. Quite the opposite, the apparently vicious is raised to usefulness.

They were simple Jews of the people and unconsciously concerned about the spiritual fate of their countrymen. Without realizing it, they were reacting to the trap into which their religion had fallen. Jesus offers the solution to their concern and suggests how the decadent spiritual situation can be corrected. He continues: “Have you eyes and do not see, ears and do not hear? Or do you not remember? ’” It appears the question remained unanswered. When I stand before this section of text and contemplate the plane of its archetypal image, I get the exalted feel- The Invisible Archetypal Pattern of the Gospels The archetypal image of the new covenant which lies hidden behind Jesus’ words about the feeding of the four and five thousand.

Fortunately, the three fragments are copied in facsimile on the inside of the book cover. Thus my inner sight could view their etheric layers and I could confirm for myself that they were really uncontaminated and in order. There were gospel texts whose archetypal pattern I particularly wanted to investigate. I took photocopied sheets of these texts and laid them on the papyrus fragments, so that I could examine them in the ‘mirror’ of the pure power structure of the fragments. The attempt succeeded!

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