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A sophisticated physics textbook that explains the mathematical and actual suggestions of mechanics and their courting to different branches of physics. themes coated comprise tensor research, variational rules and Lagrangians, canonical variations and estimation innovations.

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2 we discussed a mass on a light rigid rod, the other end of which is fixed at the origin. Thus the mass is constrained to have |r| = L, and the allowed subspace of configuration space is the surface of a sphere, independent of time. The rod exerts the constraint force to avoid compression or expansion. The natural assumption to make is that the force is in the radial direction, and therefore has no component in the direction of allowed motions, the tangential directions. That is, for all allowed displacements, δr, we have F C · δr = 0, and the constraint force does no work.

4. PHASE SPACE 35 between the rod and the downwards direction, without making a small angle approximation. (a) Find the generalized force Qθ and find the conserved quantity on phase space. (b) Give a sketch of the velocity function, including all the regions of phase space. Show all fixed points, seperatrices, and describe all the invariant sets of states. [Note: the variable θ is defined only modulo 2π, so the phase space is the Cartesian product of an interval of length 2π in θ with the real line for pθ .

LAGRANGIAN MECHANICS 49 We make no assumptions about this path other than that it is differentiable and meets the boundary conditions x = y = ∆z = 0 at t = 0 and at t = T . The action is T I = 0  1  2 d∆z m x˙ + y˙ 2 + 2 dt 2  d∆z 1 2 + g (T − 2t)2  + g(T − 2t) dt 4 1 −mg∆z − mg 2 t(T − t) dt. 2 The fourth term can be integrated by parts, T 0 1 d∆z 1 mg(T − 2t) dt = mg(T − 2t)∆z 2 dt 2 T 0 T + 0 mg∆z(t) dt. The boundary term vanishes because ∆z = 0 where it is evaluated, and the other term cancels the sixth term in I, so T I = 1 2 1 mg (T − 2t)2 − t(T − t) dt 4 0 2  2 T 1 d∆z .

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