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By Alan Garner

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The definitive selection of conventional British folks stories, chosen and retold by way of the well known Alan Garner. Following on from the 50th anniversary of Alan Garner's seminal fable vintage, THE WEIRDSTONE OF BRISINGAMEN, this fantastically produced hardback collects all of Alan's people stories, advised together with his distinctive storytelling ability and inimitably transparent voice. crucial interpreting for old and young alike, and a e-book to be valuable.

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Then they beheld under the sea down below them roofed strongholds and a beautiful country. And they saw a beast huge, awful, monstrous, in a tree there, and a drove of herds and flocks round about the tree, and beside the tree an armed man, with shield and spear and sword. When he beheld yon huge beast that abode in the tree he went from there in flight immediately. The beast stretched forth its neck out of the tree, and set his head into the back of the largest ox of the herd, and dragged it into the tree and devoured it in the twinkling of an eye.

So they asked him who he was, and from where his kindred. “Of the men of Ireland am I,” said he. “I went on my pilgrimage in a small boat, and when I had gone a little from land my boat split under me. I went again to land,” said he, “and I put under my feet a sod from my country, and on it I got me up to the sea. And that sod is established here for me in this place, and a foot is added to its breadth each year from that time to this, and a tree every year to grow therein. ” 14 After that they voyaged till they entered a sea that resembled green glass.

It was all cussing and swearing and calling down misfortune on me; but I was so mazed in fright that I could only stand there, shaking all over me, and staring down at the horrid thing; and I reckon if he’d gone on long, I’d have tumbled down in a fit. But by and by, his yaller shining hair – I can’t abide yaller hair since that – rose up in the air, and wrapped itself round him, while he looked for all the world like a great dandelion puff; and he floated away on the wind over the wall and out of sight, with a parting skirl of his wicked voice and sneering laugh.

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