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“Disquieting yet riveting… fascinating… Schlosser’s readers (and he merits an outstanding many) can be struck by way of how usually the folk he cites characteristic the absence of unintentional explosions and nuclear conflict to divine intervention or sheer success instead of to human knowledge and ability. no matter what used to be dependable, we'll basically want many extra of it within the years to come.”

Famed investigative journalist Eric Schlosser digs deep to discover secrets and techniques concerning the administration of America’s nuclear arsenal. A ground-breaking account of injuries, near-misses, outstanding heroism, and technological breakthroughs, Command and Control explores the limitation that has existed because the sunrise of the nuclear age:  how do you set up guns of mass destruction with no being destroyed by way of them?  that question hasn't ever been resolved--and Schlosser unearths how the mix of human fallibility and technological complexity nonetheless poses a grave chance to mankind.  

Written with the vibrancy of a primary mystery, Command and Control interweaves the minute-by-minute tale of an coincidence at a nuclear missile silo in rural Arkansas with a old narrative that spans greater than fifty years.  It depicts the pressing attempt through American scientists, policymakers, and army officials to make sure that nuclear guns can’t be stolen, sabotaged, used with out permission, or detonated inadvertently. Schlosser additionally appears to be like on the chilly struggle from a brand new viewpoint, supplying historical past from the floor up, telling the tales of bomber pilots, missile commanders, upkeep crews, and different traditional servicemen who risked their lives to stay clear of a nuclear holocaust.  on the center of the e-book lies the fight, amid the rolling hills and small farms of Damascus, Arkansas, to avoid the explosion of a ballistic missile sporting the main strong nuclear warhead ever outfitted by way of the United States.   

Drawing on lately declassified files and interviews with males who designed and frequently handled  nuclear guns, Command and keep an eye on takes readers right into a terrifying yet attention-grabbing international that, before, has been mostly hidden from view.  during the info of a unmarried coincidence, Schlosser illustrates how an not likely occasion can develop into unavoidable, how small dangers could have negative effects, and the way the main very good minds within the country can purely offer us with an phantasm of control.  Audacious, gripping, and unforgettable, Command and keep an eye on is a travel de strength of investigative journalism, an eye-opening examine the hazards of America’s nuclear age.

"A chilling, concise background of America’s precarious nuclear arsenal... brilliant and unsettling."

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2 3 Cross-sectional view o f the first Shipping port LWBR core. is of no consequence in the seed, it is feasible to use thin fuel elements with a high surface area per core volume to attain the high power removal rates required. Inlet orifices can be used to provide considerably higher coolant mass fluxes to the seed than to the blanket. Later studies with the seed and blanket concept were directed toward developing a light water breeder reactor (LWBR). The concept was based on the 232 Th_233 U cycle.

More recently,2 1 attention has shifted to the possibility of fueling CANDU cores with depleted (enrichment plant tails) U02 pellets containing small amounts of Pu02 (mixed oxide fuel). Another fuel cycle that has been examined uses U02 pellets obtained from the slightly enriched uranium chemically separated from discharged LWR fuel. 22 This reuse would improve overall utilization of uranium resources. Any of the advanced fuel cycles could also be used with a vessel-type PHWR. Use of oxide fuel with a fissile material content in excess of that of nat­ ural uranium would increase allowable burnup and thus decrease the number of fuel assemblies that must be fabricated and (2) waste disposal costs.

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