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The whole of the eighth chapter is devoted to a curious investigation of the meaning of one puzzling preposition in a passage in Virgil's Georgics, This learned disquisition is characteristic of the blind zeal of the commentator. Is Virgil's per an example of the * For a fuller account of the influence of Macrobius' geography and for some reproduction* of medieval zone maps, see Stahl, pp. 249-58. Introduction 21 grand epic style, or of poetic license, or does he use it to mean inter? We may be sure that Virgil never troubled his head about the matter.

Courcelle, p. 22. 32 Introduction pages, cited by Henry, having to do with suicide. Courcelle believes that Macrobius was using Porphyry's Commentary on the Phaedo or, more likely, the De regressu animae, and offers cogent reasons for his belief. x-xii). 7-8, 12, lead Courcelle to believe that the Peri Stugos was the main source of Macrobius' doctrines on the soul's descent. xiv. 19-20). Courcelle points out that Claudianus Mamertus drew a similar catalogue from that work. In concluding his discussion of the sources, Courcelle agrees with Mras that the doctrines on the immobility of the soul, ascribed by Macrobius to Aristotle, were in reality derived from Porphyry's Peri psyches, and he accepts the traditional view that Porphyry's Commentary on the Timaeus was the principal source for Macrobius' chapters on astronomy.

Viii), which are devoted to clarifying minute points of Scipio's Dream and which are written in the characteristically dull style of commentators of that period, have been referred to or used by writers in the Middle Ages, and most of the chapters were used extensively. i. 40 Introduction sense-perception, and growth; how man differs from animals and the vegetable kingdom; the motions of the celestial sphere and planets; the order of the planetary spheres; the method of determining the relative sizes of the sun and the earth; the method first used in marking off the signs of the zodiac; the proof that the earth is in the center of the universe; the account of Pythagoras* discovery of the numerical ratios of the musical concords and their physical explanation; the numerical ratios of planetary distances; the explanation of the origin of the harmony of the spheres; the location of the four inhabited quarters of the globe and the impossibility of intercommunication; the equatorial and meridional oceans and the causes of the tides; the duration of the world-year; the doctrines of Plato on the immortality of the soul; and the refutation of Aristotelian views.

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