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This e-book explores how Ottoman Muslims and Christians understood the phenomenon of conversion to Islam from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries, whilst the Ottoman Empire was once on the peak of its energy and conversions to Islam peaked. as the Ottomans governed over a wide non-Muslim inhabitants and prolonged higher possibilities to converts than to native-born Muslims, conversion to Islam was once a contentious topic for all groups, specially Muslims themselves. via generating narratives approximately conversion, Ottoman Muslim and Christian authors sought to outline the limits and club in their groups whereas selling their very own non secular and political agendas. Krstic argues that the creation and move of narratives approximately conversion to Islam was once principal to the articulation of Ottoman imperial id and Sunni Muslim "orthodoxy" within the lengthy sixteenth century.Placing the evolution of Ottoman attitudes towards conversion and converts within the broader context of Mediterranean-wide non secular developments and the Ottoman contention with the Habsburgs and Safavids, Contested Conversions to Islam additionally introduces new resources, akin to first-person conversion narratives and Orthodox Christian neomartyologies, to bare the interaction of person, (inter)communal, neighborhood, and imperial projects that motivated the method of conversion.

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Although the ensuing discussion will be mindful of the dynamics within the Jewish community and among the Jewish and other Ottoman religious groups, the book focuses on Muslim-Christian relations, since Jewish primary sources were unfortunately inaccessible to this author. 91 Chapters I and 2 explore how people learned what it meant to be a Muslim in the early Ottoman polity and how the place of converts in the Introduction evolving Ottoman society was negotiated. By focusing on Ottoman catechisms of faith ('ilm-i hal), hagiographies of Muslim holy men, and other Ottoman Turkish didactic texts from the fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries, Chapter I examines the textual repertoire of early Ottoman Islam, the circumstances of its production and circulation, as well as different modes of interpretation to which it gave rise, leading to the religiopolitical differentiation within the early Ottoman polity.

3 izniki's sebeb-i te'lif presents an interesting snapshot of the Ottoman Muslim community in the early 1400s. It conjures up a developing community striving to meet the needs of the new believers,poth novices in faith and the young, but lacking religious literature in the language of its congregants. izniki's remarks remind the student of Ottoman history of Muslims through Narratives 27 a simple fact that is often forgotten: the development of Ottoman Islam has a history of its own, and this history unfolded parallel to the fOlmdation of the Ottoman polity and Islamization of the domains that came under its rule.

Conversion to Islam in the Age of Empire Building and Confessionalization, I 45 os- I 69 os Drawing on a variety of previously unknown or unexplored narrative primary sources in Ottoman Turkish, Latin, Italian, German, Serbian, Bulgarian, and French, the present study seeks to expand the conversation on conversion to Islam by raising new questions and introducing new sources to the discussion. By considering narratives produced by different individuals, communities, and institutions of Muslim, Orthodox Christian, Protestant, and Catholic backgrounds, it examines the debate about conversion to Islam and religious difference on a transcommunal and transimperiallevel within a Mediterranean-wide age of confessiorialization rather than privileging the perspective of the Ottoman state.

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