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Yellow mild stuffed the attic. the sunshine locked with the dust--tons of dirt up here--and the ambience of where filled his head like a fever. It appeared that he perceived this mild with each nerve of his body.

The attic was once in most cases empty yet towards the south wall was once a queer arrangment of chains; the ends dangled approximately seven toes from the ground and had huge iron bands hooked up. The bands have been hinged on one part so that they might open and close. The chains appeared purple within the yellow light.

He held one of many bands and stroked his finger alongside the interior and it got here away reddish. Rust, he notion; however it didn't flake; it wasn't gritty like rust. It used to be outdated, caked blood. . .

Slowly, Peter is mesmerized and starts a trip into insanity the place a bloodstained god waits to assert the brain and soul of the final of the Lelands.

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