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Uninterested in interpreting yet one more trans/gender one hundred and one fullyyt headquartered round white humans and their normative narratives? uninterested in feeling such as you needs to be _this_ tall to be trans adequate to belong within the ~community~? uninterested in feeling just like the white trans group is erasing your experiences?

having gender feels yet no longer realizing how they healthy into the present white hegemonic discourse on gender?

decolonizing trans/gender one zero one is a quick, available (and non-academic) critique of a number of the primary ideas in white trans/gender concept and discourse. written for the indigenous and/or individual of color attempting to know how their gender is/has been impacted via whiteness and colonialism.

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Septimus Leech’s reappearance contributes to the reality-effect of the fiction, thrilling the reader familiar with her work into recognition of an extended world outside the compact focus of the novel. We can see this too in the kind of doubly charged comments which punctuate her novels, like ‘if George was in a novel he would be a comic character’ (PP 363), or ‘people never fall in love suddenly like that except in novels’ (BP 395). Comments such as these do subtly draw attention to the artificiality of the text in which they appear, but do not seriously threaten its sense of reality.

Then they go on to convince themselves and one another that these patterns, these designs, these plots, are inherent in the actions themselves. They convince themselves that they really exist. To do this they need to be inhabited. So the characters in Iris Murdoch’s books find themselves living in an artificial world that has been imposed on them and constructed around them by their own inventive imaginations, by the need they feel to console themselves. (Swinden 1973: 235) This seduction by the world of appearances can be explored within a Platonic framework.

Many things cause literary change, and self-consciousness about language may be more of a symptom than a cause. The disappearance or weakening of organized religion is perhaps the most important thing that has happened to us in the last hundred years. The great nineteenthcentury novelists took religion for granted. Loss of social hierarchy and religious belief makes judgement more tentative, interest in psychoanalysis makes it in some ways more complex. com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromso - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-15 32 33 comes after it.

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