Demon Download (Dark Future, Book 2) by Jack Yeovil aka Kim Newman PDF

By Jack Yeovil aka Kim Newman

ISBN-10: 1844162362

ISBN-13: 9781844162369

It's the twenty first Century and the multi-national organizations keep watch over the USA. the army is decided as much as shield these organisations from the roving gangs and spiritual sects that wander the wilderness that has develop into the USA. fortress Apache, Arizona, an army garrison that has been charged with holding the Interstate highways open for the companies, is below assault by way of an unknown enemy. First a cruiser pushed via infantrymen from castle Apache, visits a fuel station within the wilderness the place a working laptop or computer malicious program is inserted throughout the gasoline tank, kills all yet one of many squaddies using in it after which maintains on its venture of homicide, looking for a specific church and a Catholic priest, Father O'Pray. contained in the fortress, the lads and girls activate one another in a blood fest that leaves many useless and others racing for his or her lives. just one individual has the most important to this secret, Chantal Juillerat, a nun dispatched from the Vatican. operating with the lone cavalry soldier who escaped the carnage of the demon-possessed cruiser, Chantel searches for the foundation of the problem.

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When he awoke, as she recalls, he put his false teeth back and addressed her Voyage in the Dark 35 benignly. Nevertheless Anna was traumatized into an immobile silence; and the lesson learned, that wolves lurk in sheep’s clothing, bears the stamp of an insouciant and ubiquitous but extremely forceful masculine economy. Ultimately Voyage presents social control where it traditionally belongs: quite literally in the hands of men. ” The large fingers signifying phallic prowess, and his distance from Anna—he will not touch her directly, skin on skin—speak to the order of things in the social milieu and a reminder of Anna’s position as a woman.

In charting the process by which a mask of femininity is crafted, Anna’s narrative throws into relief an infantile strategy serving interrelated functions: compensating the hungry daughter for her missing mother by attracting men to fill the empty space within her, the mask also deflects recognition of her sources of aggression so that she may be absorbed into the larger social body, no matter what the cost. Anna’s experience illustrates the primitive stages of female development as explicated by object relations theorists Melanie Klein and Joan Riviere, whose emphasis on the mother–infant dyad stressed preverbal, unsayable experiences of horror that continuously play on the emotional registers of the psyche in the course of later life.

Anna remembers that from an early age: “[. ] I hated being white. Being white and getting like Hester, and all the things you get—old and sad and everything. I kept thinking, ‘No. . No. . No. . ’ ” (72). Here Hester’s “whiteness” equates with vulnerability, with being too easily seen and read because of her maladroit posturing; her sadness is on display for the perceptive to notice, and her attempts to hide are ineffectual. In her decision to break off communications with Hester, Anna disowns connection with this particular model of womanhood.

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Demon Download (Dark Future, Book 2) by Jack Yeovil aka Kim Newman

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